Sold To: Sylvia, Oklahoma


Jazzie is a carbon copy of his mamma sweet but a little rascal when he wants to be.  He has the most beautiful dished face and gorgeous color.  He is the last colt out of our sire Indy.  He will probably be only 30 inches tall.




Sold To: Mike and Sherry, Oklahoma


Jewlie is such a sweetheart.  She loves to be groomed and hugged.  She has been worked with by our neighbor girl and is an absolute pleaser.  I cannot decide if she is going to be palamino or light sorrel.




Sold to Karen in Canada


Sapphire is the first baby born to our girl Rosie.  She was kidnapped by Feathers and thanks to Feathers previous owner we finally put the right baby with the correct mare! She is now at home in Canada going to be a show filly!



Sold To: Alison, New York

Soldierfire Ranch Baby # 16

Contessa was born May 11, 2011 and was beautiful at birth.  She has the largest star that we have ever seen on a baby.  She is going to live up North and be the southern sweetie of a northern mini ranch:)



Sold To: Bri and Mary, Oklahoma

Soldierfire Ranch Baby # 15

Starlight was born May 2 and what a sweetie.  She has a prance that is as pretty as a reindeers prance.  She was very loving towards her mom and even preferred hanging with her and the guinea rather then the other foals.  She was given as a Christmas present to a special girl who had picked her out from an online ad and decided that was going to be her horse.  Mary a very special family member purchased her and gave her to Bri on Christmas.  A very special present for a special young girl. 


*AMHA Wybrant's Cavalry Blizzard Magic*

Sold to Kim from Oklahoma

Soldierfire Ranch Baby #14

Blizzard was born on February 1, 2011.  On this day our little town received 15 inches of snow.  All this snow did not stop little Blizzard from warming our hearts.  He is the sweetest little thing-even at two days old he runs to me to be petted.  He was born at 19 inches tall and the most beautiful color, He even has a white apron markings on his face.  He looks just like his sire's colt pictures.  His parents are Dyer Farms Mystic Lady and Angelridge Indian Magic.

*AMHA Wybrant's Cavalry Rascale Magic*

Soldierfire Ranch Baby #13

Sold To: Sharon, Tulsa OK

Little is the best way to describe our small colt Rascal.  He is small but full of muscles.  He came into this world at 17 inches on May 28, 2010.  .  He has the calmest attitude that I have seen in a horse.  His eyes are large loving and brown.  He loved to be petted and scratched at the young age of 2 weeks.  Absolutely loves people and kids.  His parents are Angelridge Indian Magic and Wybrant's Cavalry Bailey Beautiful.



*AMHA Wybrant's Cavalry Magic Rustiole*

Soldierfire Ranch Baby #12

Sold To: M. and K. Bradford, Tuttle, OK

AMHA Wybrant's Cavalry Magic Rustiole was born on Sunday April 18th.  He is the colt of Angelridge Indian Magic and Bantam's I'm Not Sassy.  He  has the wonderful temperment of his momma and sire.  He has a beautiful head with dish and holds it straight up.  A good lookin little guy. 


*AMHA Wybrant's Cavalry Buck's Magic*


Soldierfire Ranch Baby #11

SOLD TO: M. and K. Bradford, Tuttle, OK

Frame Overo and Sabino 1 positive tested by Animal Genetics Florida

Parent Qualified by University of California-Davis

 Cotton arrived on December 28, 2009  when 1 foot of snow fell on our little town of Coweta.  He sure warmed our hearts.  He is a dunn medicine hat overo with  blue eyes and resembles his LTDs Magic Man relatives.  His  sire is Angelridge Indian Magic and his dam is Dyer Farms Mystic Lady.


*AMHA Wybrant's Cavalry Magical Tigress*

Soldierfire Ranch Baby #10

Sold to T.&S.&S. Torrez, Collinsville, OK

Our Beautiful Beautiful Rare Gift.

Tigress is a special little filly.  Her sire is Angelridge Indian Magic and her dam is Wybrant's Cavalry Bailey Beautiful.  She came into this world on June 27, 2009.  She measured about 18 inches at birth.  Her foal coat was fabulous and rare.  She was a black/gray brindle with a white star.  She is registered with the AMHA.  She can be as playfull as a child  and as cuddley as a teddy bear.   She has Bailey's attitude and her foal stripes were so  pretty in the sunlight. When her new coat filled in she became a black bay and at 4 months she was still a small 23 inches. She like Bisquet and New Year are pedigreed out of the LTDS  Magic Man  line.


Soldierfire Ranch Baby #9

Sold to H.& D. & Q. Lenard, Ada, OK

Beautiful Beautiful Dreamy Blue Eyes.

Razzle also called Dude around here has baby blue eyes.  He is sired by Wybrant's Cavalry Blueboy and his Dam is Wybrant's Cavalry Heavenly Angel.  He is so humerous to watch running and playing with the other foals.  He is absolutely infatuated with New Year.  He is Mr. Personality.  His date of birth is May 2, 2009.  He is a palomino paint and measured about 19 inches at birth. 



Soldierfire Ranch Baby # 8

Sold to E.& L. Walters, Inola OK

Bisquet loves kids. 

This colt is the most loving horse towards kids ever born here.  This is no doubt our Grandson Carson's favorite ride.  His sire is Angelridge Indian Magic and his Dam is Bantams I'm Not Sassy.  He will stay pretty short.  Born on April 11, 2009 at 20 inches and is remaining very short.   His foal coat was sorrel with blaze face, after losing his foal coat he turned into a beautiful palomino.   He is a very very laid back horse. He like Tigress and New Year are pedigreed out of the LTDS Magic Man line.  He is registered with AMHA.



Soldierfire Ranch Baby # 7

Sold to K. & A. Roberts, Yukon, OK

New Year is our, she's got the look filly. 

She has the prettiest confirmation of all our foals.  She has nice long legs, nice dish in her face and a great pedigree.  She is sired by Angelridge Indian Magic and her Dam is Dyer Farms Mystic Lady.  She was born on a very cold,wet January 6, 2009.  When body clipped she showed a dorsal dark line.  Her hair came in darker after that so she may be a dorsal lined grulla or she might be seal color.  Either way she has a bright white star on her face.  She is a pleaser --loves people.  She is the kind of foal that when she sees you, she will run up to be with you.  She like Bisquet and Tigress are pedigreed out of the Magic Man LTDS line.   She is registered with AMHA.


Soldierfire Ranch Baby #6

Sold to A. West, Coweta OK

Spirit deserves her name!

Here at our ranch it is known that the only mare to put Indy in his place is Bailey.  Spirit is truly her mother's offspring.  Her Dam is Wybrant's Cavalry Bailey Beautiful and her sire is Angelridge Indian Magic.  She is out of the LTDS Magic Man  pedigree. Her date of birth is May 9, 2008 and she measured  18 inches.  She always carries her head up, always observing her surroundings.  She is a beautiful bay color with white star.  After she got a little older she actually took over the alpha role from Champagne.  Poor Bucket he was ruled by two strong little fillies.  She is smart, agile and carries herself strong but could also be very lovable to those that cared for her.  Bailey favored Spirit over all her fillies to this day.  She is small but mighty!! Spirit is registered with AMHA.


Soldierfire Ranch Baby #5

Sold to D. Raper, Chandler, OK

Bucket is one of a kind!!

Bucket was an adventurous colt.  His sire is Wybrant's Cavalry Blueboy and his Dam Wybrant's Cavalry Heavenly Angel.  His date of birth is April 17, 2008.  He is the first offspring for both and measured 20 inches at birth.  He is a brilliant wavy haired white with sorrel head.  I am not sure who doted on him the most his mother or father.  Either way Bucket never lacked for attention.  His good looks and winning personality stood out!  Bucket has his sires dreamy blue eyes.  He also ABSOLUTELY loves people. 


Soldierfire Ranch Baby #4

Sold to M. Rooker, Tecumseh, OK

Champie was a foal leader!!

Champie was definitely the leader of our 2008 foals.  She was born on April 12, 2008 to her sire Angelridge Indian Magic and her Dam Bantams I'm Not Sassy.  She measured 20.5 inches at birth. She is the most gorgeous Champagne color hence her name Champagne Magic.  She to is out of the Magic Man LTDS line.  She is a dependable, loyal and a love people kind of horse.  Champie is registered with AMHA.



Soldierfire Ranch Baby #3

Sold to R. Faulkner, Coweta OK

Blazie is a very shy and loyal colt.

Blazie is a sorrel with white star and strip that in combination looks like a P.  He is pedigreed out of  Angelridge Indian Magic and Bantams I'm Not Sassy.  He is a pretty little wavy coated colt.  His date of birth is April 29, 2007 and he measured 21 inches.  His best friend was and I am sure still is Tiara.  They were foals together and sold together.  He is also out of the Magic Man LTDS line.  Blazie is registered with AMHA.


Soldierfire Ranch Baby # 2

Sold to R. Faulkner, Coweta OK

Everyone loves T!!!

When Tiara was born everyone fell in love with her.  She was constantly at your feet looking for a pat on the head.  She was the horse that came right in if the door was open. Tiara is a siler gray filly.  Her date of birth is April 26, 2007 and she measured 18 inches. She is pedigreed out of Angelridge Indian Magic and Wybrant's Cavalry Bailey Beautiful.  Therefore she is slso out of the Magic Man LTDS line.  She is still with her buddy Blazie living at their new home in Coweta.  Tiara is registered with AMHA.


Soldierfire Ranch Baby # 1

Sold to D. Salvador, Chelsea OK

Charmie is the first foal born on our farm.  He is the offspring of Bantams I'm Not Sassy.  His sire was from Dyer Farms and  hails from the Snippet line.  His date of birth is April 28, 2005 and he measured 21 inches. Charmie will always hold a very special place in our hearts.  He was Mr.  Patriot.  He went to parades, storytimes and to many festivals dressed in support of the troops.  Charmie is registered with AMHA.