*****Zoomie aka Angel*******

D.O.B. 4-20-2013

Sold to Sarah and family

Zoomie is at home in North Oklahoma with Sarah and her wonderful family including kids.  She loves attention and loves to talk.  Zoomie aka Angel always played and ruled her brothers she is a love bug and looks so happy with her master here in the picture I just received. 

*****Lacey******** DOB 2011

Sold to Bonnie

Lacey is a beautiful very active girl.  She loves to play more then any bengal we have owned.  She had two beautiful litters of kittens.  She is now at home with Bonnie and family living the life of a loved retired mamma. 

**********Neytiri aka Sister**** ***** DOB 3-10-2013

Sold to Chelsea

Personality personality plus describes Neytiri.  She is a lively, lovely little gal that warmed our hearts.  She now lives with Kazi aka RJ in a wonderful family home!


aka Snowball DOB 1-2-2013

Sold to Terri

Lacie aka Snowball was my grandson's favorite kitten.  She loves snuggling and being held.  She is the daughter of Therealms Airborne of Soldierfires x Whidbeybengals Steal D Show.  She now resides with Terri and snuggles daily.  Terri says, "  She is just my speed, plays a little and snuggles a lot". 


aka Snowflake D.O.B. 1-2-2013

Sold to Kathleen

Snowflake is our girl bengal with energy.  She absolutely loves playing with kids and toys.  She is now enjoying her life with Kathleen , the kids and her new chihuahua friend. 


D.O.B. 1-2-2013

Sold to Brenda

Sleet was the largest kitten we ever sold and has a wonderful personality to boot.  Loving and sweet Sleet is beautiful inside and out!

From Brenda: He is very Happy with his new Family! :)  as we are with him!  He's just beautiful! Thanks again for a  purrfect  kitten!

********Dominic aka AJ ********

D.O.B. 11-29-2013

Sold to Preston and Aja

Dominic aka A.J.  is a sweet loving boy. He is our bottle fed baby.  The only kitten from Valor's first litter A.J.  was spoiled from the get go. 

Dominic  is now 10 pounds and uses the toilet- no litterbox at their home.  He was trained with the Petco purchased Litter Quiter system and it took 8 weeks to totally train him:)



"We have never had such an amazing and smart animal so thanks so much again for giving us the best kitty in the world!  from Aja



D.O.B. JUNE 12, 2012


Princess is truely a princess.  She is a clear silver rosetted girl with a playful personality.  She would rather play then eat.  Loved very much by her mother, brother and sisters, she is now at home living it up with Sarah and her twin boys!



D.O.B. JUNE 12, 2012


Babydoll is the sweetest , most cuddly kitten born here.  She loves to snuggle.  Her christmas picture was even selected by Bengals Illustrated for their annual calendar.  She is now at home with Desiree and family looking angelic with her baby blue eyes.



Mamma aka Shebaqueen Nvision Perfection was our first bengal breeder. She set the bar high for other females to even compare. Patient as a rock with her kittens, played with them with her tail.

She is now a happy family pet with Pam.



DOB 7-3-2012

Sold to Jason and Brandy F.


DOB 7-3-2012

Sold to Dakota and Holly

After a short stint as a breeder kitten at Paragon Bengals, Rocket was neutered and sold to a very lovely couple, Dakota and Holly.  He is king of the palace there and recently ( June 14) they purchased a playmate for him from our ranch.  Now Rocket aka Catsby and their new kitten Elana are buddies.  

Presley aka "Precious"

DOB 6-12-2012

Sold to Jason and Brandy F.

Presley is our first snow Silver  seal lynx point kitten and she is a beauty.  It is only fitting that she goes home with her cute owner Blayne.  She is very busy and loves to redo everyone's hairdo everyday.  She is as beautiful inside and out and will be living now with her loving family and her buddy Hoss who is also from our Ranch:)

Kosmo aka " RJ"

DOB 6-12-2012

Sold to Chelsea B.

RJ the son of Rocky and Stella was one of the most beautiful kittens born here.  His expression and eyes are priceless.  He has a very calm nature which allowed him to put up with his three very active sisters.  He is now at home with Chelsea and family which includes a small chihuahua which is now his very best friend.  Chelsea says:   " Hes absolutely beautiful and sweet. "



DOB 9-23-2011

Sold To Beth A.

Honey is the daughter of triple grand champion Paragonbengals Imperial Thrill.  She was the only girl in her litter, so she is a little spoiled and use to doing what she wants.  Althought the only girl she has the ability to play and get along with anyone.  Honey is a sweet girl who mainly in this world wants to play everyday.  She is going up north to live close to Jabari aka Hollywood!  Congrats Beth for owning this fine little lady who now has the name Stella!!!

Silver Rosetted Male: Hoss

DOB: 4-7-2011

Sold To: Jason and Brandy F.

This beatiful silver rosetted boy is the result of crossing Bengalacatame Celestial Comet and Shebaqueen NVision Perfection. He has beatiful rosettes on his torso and shoulders. He has a nice head and big puffy whisker pads along with a big thick tail and a white spotted belly. He has a very loving , very non aggresive personality. He is now at home retired sitting in his cat tree palace with Jason and Brandy F. and their  adorable kids getting all the TLC he wants and deserves.

Brown Spotted Female: Sabine aka Pebbles

DOB 4-3-2012

Sold to Lori T.

Sabine aka Pebbles has the prettiest pattern of the group.  Her horizontal flow is unbelievable.  She also has her mammas big beautiful eyes.  She loves to play with the toy pictured and her laser toy (gift from Milo's mom) everyday.  She is now at home with Lori, her son and two little black kittens playing in their cat paradise.

Brown Spotted Male: Zeus aka Bulldozer

DOB 4-3-2012

Sold to Tarena B.

Zeus  is the largest of Mamma X Airborne's litter.  I always called him the gentle giant.  He was always so careful with his smaller brothers and sisters.  He is known for giving kisses.  He even kissed Tarena as she left the cattery with him.  He is off to a loving family that includes a little 5 pound puppy Belle for his companion. 

Brown Rosetted Male: Chui II

Snow Marble Female: Marble

DOB 4-3-2012

Sold To Larry and Sarah J.

Chui ,which Larry taught us means Leopard in Swahili, is the most outgoing and has the largest spots of the litter.  Blue eyed Marble is a lady in everything she does. Both very loving kittens who went home with a bengal loving couple,  Sarah and Larry.   

Brown Rosetted Male: Milo II

DOB 4-3-2012

Sold To Jules and Todd R.

Milo, Mr. Entertainment, outgoing, onry, instigator, lively and full of energy, picked up his owner's  camera case, jumped in the carrier and looked at his new mom like I am ready to go.  Never have I seen a kitten love his new owner at first sight like Milo.  He now resides with Jules and Todd and their other two kitties, Puddin and Little Black Kitty.

Marble Male : Meowee Jim ("Sunny")

DOB 9-23-2011

Sold To David D. & Family

" Thank you so much for everything. Meowee Jim is a wonderful Kitty."
" Thank you so much for everything. Meowee Jim is a wonderful Kitty."

Meowee Jim is our personal choice for lap kitten.  He plays SO hard and then wants to rest in your lap.  He is a real sweet dispositioned kitten with fabulous marbling.  His family researched and researched until they decided on the perfect kitten, Sunny.  He is now at home with his owner David, his wife, two daughters  and Sunny's  new buddy the miniature pincher.


Marble Male: Saki ("Cupid")

DOB 9-23-2011

Sold To Mary Lou D. & Family

Cupid is by far the most unique kitten born on our ranch.  He has a perfect heart on his forehead thus his name Cupid and the cutest smiley face on his side. His owner Mary Lou actually collects hearts.   Last I checked he was with his family at the lake , a very special kitty that is now at home with a very special family. 


Marble Male: Jagger ("Goldie")

DOB 9-23-2011

Sold to: Aaron and Lindsay W.

Goldie was the largest kitten in his litter.  He has the most beautiful gold coloring amidst his incredible marbling.  He is a very calm playful kitten.  He was given to a very special little girl for her 2nd birthday.  He went home the  week before Christmas and the little girl called Goldie  Ho Ho.  


Silver Rosetted Male Silver Star *(Cuddles)

DOB 4-7-2011

Sold to: Lauren L.

Cuddles now Silver Star is the kind of kitten that always wants to be right next to you.  He has a wonderful temperment, loving attitude and beautiful spots.  He now lives with Lauren, her family and their 12 year old Bengal cat.   Star is sweet kitten given as a present to a very sweet girl. 


Silver Rosetted Male Rocky***(Charm)

DOB 4-7-2011

Sold to: Tiana C.

Charm now Rocky is the largest of his litter.  He has big whisker pads and a huge tail.  He is "Charming"  with big irregular spots and lovely striped legs.  We believe he will closely resemble his champion father Celestial Comet when grown.  He loves to play more than anything.   He flew from Oklahoma to Boston and is pictured here with his new owner Tiana who is going to star Rocky as her top sire in her new cattery Baystate  Bengals.   


Brown Rosetted Female**Sable

DOB 4-7-2011

Sold to: Jeff and Nickie S.

Sable is the only female in our first Bengal Litter.  Her new owners are Jeff and Nikki S..  Sable has the cutest chortle and will be at home with Jeff and Nikki's other cat and dogs.  This kitten and owners just seem perfect for each other!

"I'm just very happy and you made this experience of buying a special cat with a special breeder remarkable. "from Nikki


Brown Rosetted Male **Tigger

DOB 4-7-2011

Sold to Kenny and Vickie B.

Tigger is the largest brown male in the litter.  He is a sweetie and is the calmest of the litter.  Tigger is going home with the Berkett family, (Elizabeth pictured with Tigger) who also purchased an Egyptian Mau name Kovu from our ranch.  He will be at home with his new family, Tiger, the dogs, and of course Kovu..