**Twilight***DOB 9-1-14

Adopted by Vickey

Love our girl Twilight!

Pictures above is our precious girl Twilight.  In the first picture you can see that Twilight can give you the look.  She is adorable and a  kitten from a smoke to smoke breeding.  The smoke mau is the most historic mau and loved by the Egyptian pharohs.  Anyone who has come into contact with Twilight can see why.  She runs to greet her visitors and has the Loudest Purr of any kittens that has been born on our ranch. She is at home with Vickey and her buddy snow bengal Beau.  He is also a kitten from our ranch.  He gives her kisses everyday and they both cuddle up with Vickey as much as possible.    

****Galia aka Diamond *****DOB 9-8-14

Adopted by Javier

Galia aka Diamond is our little senorita, who now resides in Mexico City.  She was always the most playful in her litter and now fetches for Javier who kindly plays with her non stop. 


I just wanted to thank you for bringing Galia in to my life! She is so sweet!
She started to fetch on her own. She loves to play, she is always by my side and she is super smart!
I took her to the vet and everything was perfect. I wanted to tell you that the Vet told me that she is the prettiest cat she has ever seen.
All the nurses and the hospital staffmembers came out to see her.

****Freya aka Confetti***** DOB 9-8-14

Adopted by Gay

Freya aka Confetti is the kitten most associated with being a lady.  Super sweet and just gorgeous she is now owned by Gay and has a super sweet buddy named Odin.  Always one to cuddle she is the apple of Gay's eye. 

***Gryffin and Raven******

DOB 9-8-14 owned by Stephanie and Jeff

Raven aka Smokey Dreams

Gryffin aka Soldier

Smokey, Gryffin and their girl!!!

Gryffin, Smokey, Jeff and Stephanie

Gryffin and Smokey Dreams were the only boys in their litter.  They were always together and always buddies.  They were so lucky when Stephanie and Jeff decided upon both to take to their loving home.  Smokey famous for his cheek knead to wake us up and Gryffin such a beautiful pattern and eye color.  Happy with their Egyptian Mau friend Nen.  

*****Jax aka Johnny*****

DOB 2-16-14 owned by Hunter

Johnny is the most playful kitten in his litter.  He never tires of the teaser or ball toy pictured.  He now is at home with his new friend the abysinnian and his new family.  I will sure miss him cuddling for naps but sure he will receive tons of love in his new home!

***Miles aka Billie*******

DOB 2-16-14 owned by Jodi

Miles on the rooftop!
Miles on the rooftop!

Billie is one of the sweetest, most loyal kittens born here.  His daily highlight is napping alongside of you after a period of play.  Billie was adopted with a family that has a pet housetrained rabbit.  We are hoping the friendship between cat and rabbit grows.  If there was ever a kitten that could befriend a rabbit it would be Billie.  

*****King Tutt aka Jase******

DOB 2-16-14 owned by Brad

Jase aka King Tutt taught himself to fetch.  He brought me his green mouse one day while I was napping and I threw it and from then on we were playing catch.  He is the one of the largest in his litter and full o playfulness.  He now resides with Brad and his friend the Singapora cat.  King Tutt even has a cat perch window to watch horse drawn carriages.  Neat kitten with a neat family.

******Osiris aka Michael*******

DOB 2-16-14 owned by Michael and Crystal

Mikey is one of a kind, kind of shy but also the life of the part when he gets to know you.  At the time of rehomoing Michael was the largest kitten with the largest spots and clear contrast.  Loving and playful Michael is at home with his loving family and his buddy cat.  


DOB 6-21-11 owned by James N Christy

A message to us from Christy:

Just want you to know that Genny is my best friend, she sleeps with me every night and has claimed me as her one and only human, she knows my voice and has long conversations with me. If I don't go to bed by 9pm she comes to get me and reminds me I'm late. I thank you so much for suggesting her over the kitten. She is the highest point of my day and the most precious thing I could ever have hoped for!! Once again, thank you!

Much love,


Just want you to know that Genny is my best friend, she sleeps with me every night and has claimed me as her one and only human, she knows my voice and has long conversations with me. If I don't go to

Genny, one of our CFA champions has hands down the best kneading machine of all our cats.  She loves to be held, groomed and loved.  She is one of a kind and absolutely one of Soldierfire Ranch's favorite girls.  She is now living the high life with James N Christy who adore her. 

Its funny, the family says I let Genny get away with murder because I never scold her and I won't allow anyone else either, they say imma bad furbaby momma, but hey, suck it up buttercup cuz she's my world! I mean you could bring me diamonds and pearls or you could just bring my Genny, its the same thing! 

******Ramona aka Candy********

DOB 2-17-13, owned by Vanessa

Ramona aka Candy is now a big apple city girl who likes to watch people as they walk by from her window perch.  She is loved and cared for by Vanessa who adores her!!

***Cassinova**** DOB 2-17-2013

Owned by Thomas and Gabrielle

***Cupcake**** DOB 2-17-2013

Owned by Thomas and Gabrielle

Cupcake and Cassinova have always been close, fitting their new owners Thomas and Gabrielle took them as a pair to be companions and family members with their Russian Blue cat down South.   Last I heard Gabrielle had special baby food meat for them for dinner.  They are really spoiled.  

Calisi aka Heart-Throb & Nala aka Isis

(DOB 2-17-13) (DOB 2-16-14)

Owned by Christi H.

Christi H has two of our Soldierfire mau babies, Calisi and Nala. One smoke and one silver kitten. Both very close in personality and both very cuddly.


Heart-Throb is just that a kitten that will melt your heart.  She is always with you and wants a part of whatever you are doing like most maus.  She has gorgeous gooseberry green eyes and is now having a ball with Christi and her family. 


Nala is so special in many ways, she is the only female in her litter, the only smoke kitten in her litter and in the first litter from Smokey and Medlay.  She also was the first kitten born!!!  She is a kitten full of adventure and always looking for some love.  She is now happily homed with her half sister from an earlier litter Calisi.  Both are Soldierfire babies and have a wonderful family with lots of love and attention from Christi.  


Calisi and her mom cuddlin!
Calisi and her mom cuddlin!

*****Cephe**aka Valentino******

DOB 2-17-2013** owned by Denise S.

Valentino can pose in a second.  He is always ready for the camera and loves to play with his toys.  He is off to live with Denise, family and Ara his new silver mau girlfriend.  Valentino had the longest leg extension of all maus born here.  He is definitely a beauty. Upfate: Cephe is now in the show ring doing very well in his first two shows.  


*Kiya aka *Liberty** DOB 7-18-2012

Owned by Jake J.

Our sweet Liberty is known for her playful personality.  She is the kitten that will jump on your back, walk around on your shoulders and then crawl up on your head.  She loves her snacks and is now Jake's awesome lil girl. 


*Miffy*aka*Star***DOB **7-18-2012***

Owned by Artie Z.

Star is definitely the star of the show.  Queen of beautiful poses and no one plays soccar better than her in the kitten nursery.  Sleek , elegant and playful that is what Star is bringing to her new family on the East Coast. 

*****Flash**DOB 7-18-2012*****

Owned by Jayne M. and family

Flash was a beauty from the day he was born and then became Mr. Personality.  He played with all the kittens and developed into a handsome guy.  Jayne was looking for a kitten that looked like Smokey-black cape and all.  Flash fit the bill.  He now resides with Jayne and her family in his forever home.

Flash all grown up!
Flash all grown up!


DOB 4-7-2008 owned by Barbara

Emma could out play any kitten on the ranch.  She is full of energy and beautiful to bat.  She has found a forever home with Barbara and now enjoys her big window for bird watching.  Emma ia a CFA Grand Champion Egyptian mau and a loving one at that!!!!


**DEXTER *DOB ***7-23-2012****


****DOM**DOB 7-18-2012**

Owned by Shelley B. and family

Dom is a kitten from Genny's first litter.  He is one of two smoke kittens born in that litter.  He is just beautiful.  He was purchased along with Dexter for Shelley and her family.  They now reside with their forever family in a home filled with toys and a really cool cat tree.   Shelley's family will be taking them along when they go out in the RV.


***Jabari*(Hollywood) *DOB 1-31-2012

Owned by Dave and Jane L.

Jabari  aka Hollywood is the perfect cat.  He loved to snuggle with us at night, garden with us, help with laundry and do everything we were doing.  He is now at home with his Burmese cat friend, Dave and Jane.  Jabari is beautiful outside but more importantly beautiful inside.


****Sterling********DOB 1-31-2012

Owned by Tom and Brenda E.

Sterling in his 1st birthday photo!

Tutt and Sterling both beautiful egyptian maus are brothers that went to a very loving home with Tom, Brenda and their 3 boys.  Tutt is the adventurous cat while Sterling the loving cuddly guy.  Both have a fabulous room full of toys and cat furniture at their new home.

"Well just to let you know, we just love them so much. They are our little sweethearts. They are so fun to play with and watch play together."


**Tutt***** DOB 1-31-2012

Owned by Tom and Brenda E. .

Tutt in his 1st birthday photo!

"They r both so precious. We r having a blast with them "  From Brenda.


*Kovu (Mr. Personality) DOB 2-17-2011*

Owned by Kenny and Vickie B.

Elizabeth  is pictured here with Kovu, in our cattery we called him Mr. Personality because he was always bringing joy to all.  His  family  is even preparing the little Egyptian Mau and his buddies a special room complete with jungle toys.  Kovu is at home with this young lady and her parents and also  with little Tigger, a brown Bengal from our Cattery.    


*****Oscar (GQ) * DOB 3-14-11*****

Owned by Walter and Kim D.

"He is absolutely the most lovable kitty ever! He meows at me and climbs up to nuzzle my face and burrow in my neck and purr purr purr.  We are so happy with this lovable kitty, he's the absolute best!"

From Kim D.

Oscar was born on 3/14/2011 and gets our 2011 loves to nuzzle award.  He is the kitten that wants to be on your shoulder and nuzzling your face as long as he can.  Here Oscar (formally GQ) is pictured with Walter D. , he resides in Massachusetts.  


Knick (Baby Spotts) and Knack (Buddy)

New Owner: Paula N.

DOB *2-26-2011*

From Paula June 2012:They are doing soooooooo great! They have very different personalities, but the same intelligence and beauty and loving-ness!

Knick and Knack are full brothers living with their family in Massachusetts.  Their new owners are very good to them.  They even make their own healthy cat food with real meat and other ingrediants.  They grind and freeze the healthy food.  These kittens romp and play over the entire house.  When at our cattery they were named Buddy and Baby Spotts.  They are so playful and lovable!  It is so nice to see our kittens together and being treated so well. 

The link for the homemade cat food is below.


Owned by Michelle R.

DOB *3-14-2011*

Rascale Romeo is a silver loving loving kitten.  His favorite loving gesture is to jump from wherever he is to your shoulder.  He would rather be petted and purr than play or eat.  He was born with an umbilical hernia and had surgery before going to his new home but it did not stop Romeo from passing out his love and attention everyday.  We are happy that Romeo has found a loving home that is happy to have him and gives him shoulder rides whenever he wants. 

Sally Mae

Owned by Courtney A.

DOB * 2-17-2011*

Sally is one of a kind.  She is gorgeous, loving and wants to be with people all the time.   Sally won many ribbons including best of breed, best of color, best female egyptian mau at two shows.  She plays like none other.  She is known to grace every window ledge in our home and now with her new owners even has a balcony to enjoy.  One of a kind our girl Sally our pal.