Wybrant's Cavalry Contessa Magic, foal number 16.  She is one year old in this picture and owned by Alison!  A beauty like her mamma Bailey!

Wybrant's Cavalry Magical Tigress and her owner Savanna.  Photo listed June 2010, Tigress is 1 year old.  She is Soldierfire Ranch Baby number 10!

Wybrant's Cavalry Bisquet Magic , photo listed February 2012.  Bisquet is 2.5 years old here.  Always such a handsome sweet boy.  He sired his first baby this year.  Thanks Lenora for the wonderful pic of our boy Bisquet.  He is Soldierfire Ranch baby number 8.

Wybrant's Cavalry Magical New Year, named Paris in her lush green pasture! She is 1.5 years old.

Photo listed on July 26, 2010.   She is Soldierfire Ranch Baby number 7!

Wybrant's Cavalry Rascale Magic , our Rascal is at home in Oklahoma.  We feel lucky because his owner invites us over to see him and trim his hooves. Pictured in 2011,  he is 1.5 years old here.  He is Soldierfire Ranch Baby number 13.