DOB  6-8-15  Adopted by Vitaly and Natalia

*****Zeus  aka   Pork Chop*****

DOB  3-14-15  Adopted by John & Tresta

****Kirbe aka Patty****

DOB 1-29-15  Adopted by Ryan & Whitney

What I really call Kirbe is Kirbe Cuddles.  She is a sweet sweet baby girl.  She also loves to talk, tell you how her day has been, tell you about her toys and potty.  Kirbe is always so entertaining. Her tentative name is Patty and she is named after the 2015 champion team the New England Patriots.  She was born about 1 week before the game.   She is a rich tri colored marble , a daughter of Airborne and Cherish.  Sweet girl off to be best friends with Whitney and Ryan's brown spotted girl.  

***Mr. Bigglesworth** aka Hawk**

DOB 1-29-15    Adopted by Misty

Hawk was tentatively named after the Seattle Seahawks who played in the 2015 superbowl.  He was born a week before the game.  He is the only kitten that was born here that sits pretty like a little dog.  His eyes in the pictures say it all, he is cute, adorable and a very lovely kitten!


**Nova *aka**Splendor***DOB 10-15-14

Adopted by Kim

Splendor is the first offspring for Airborne and Ithaca and an only kitten.  From the moment she was born she was the apple of her mamma's eye.  Ithaca stayed with her every moment.  She is loved by Kim's daughter who showers her with love and affection.  Many many people commented that she has the cutest face of any kitten they had seen.  She is a beautiful rosetted silver bengal kitten. 

*Auva aka *Snow White**  DOB 5-30-14

Adopted by Marlana

Snow White has always been special.  She was always the first to leave the nest and meet me for supplemental feeding.  It was so hard to let her go but when I seen Marlana's daughter's happy face it was meant to be.  Sweet playful girl with the most gorgeous baby blue eyes.  This photo above taken by our daughter, of our gorgeous kitten Snow White.  

*Dew Drop   *** DOB 5-30-14

Adopted by Cindy

Dew Drop is the kitten of Candy and Airborne.  She is always looking picturesque.  She has beautiful baby blue eyes that attracted Cindy to her.  She is fun and loving and one of our most typey kittens here at Soldierfire Ranch.  

*Simba aka Snow Plow****  DOB 5-30-14

*Nala aka Flurry****  DOB 5-30-14

Adopted by Chaunva & Family

Snow Plow pictured above!

Together in their forever home with mom Chaunva and kids to play with Snow Plow and Flurry are set.  These kittens have always been close and now have a loving family.  Flurry loves to cuddle and Snow Plow ( aka mammas boy) is famous for his games of chase the mouse.  

Flurry pictured above !

Lucie Mae*aka*Velvet*** DOB 5-30-2014

Adopted by:  Garrod, Kristy and family

When time to rehome came around our girl Velvet was the largest in the litter.  She was constantly in action and has gone home with Kristy and Garrod and daughter to be a BFF to their siamese cat.  Velvet's personality and outer beauty made her unforgetable.  

***Fendi aka Polar Bear*DOB 5-30-2014

Adopted by:   Dana

Fendi was born white like all her siblings but darkened real quick and soon became a wow kitten in her beauty and personality.  She is home with her new mom Dana and daughter and will even accompany mom to work!!!!

*****Prince Charming****DOB 3-2-14

Adopted by:  Ashley

Nice words from Ashley about her kitten Prince:

They are the best of friends!! I couldn't have picked a better boy Janet Miller Wybrant you did an amazing job raising him. Anyone that buys one of your babies is lucky to have found you!
27 mins · Like

Beautiful, Calm and loving describes our dear Prince Charming.  It is only fitting that he moves to a family in one of our favorite states.  There he will be their bengal king and live a life in paradise with his sweet girls and family.  

*****Zorro**********DOB 3-2-14

Adopted by: Corey

Zorro is our big gentle sweet lap kitten.  He was twice as big as his brother and sisters when born.  He has the most loving personality and biggest appetite.  Zorro was adopted by Corey and now he and his budd the Maine Coon who also lives at Corey's house have a ball.  Zorro loving and beautiful is one of our favorite kittens.  

***Katleesi aka Elana*****DOB 3-2-14

Adopted by:   Dakota and Holly

Elana is a beautiful seal lynx point girl who darkened very early.  She has gorgeous blue eyes and is one tough girl.  She wrestled with her brothers Prince Charming and Zorro and usually was the victorious winner.  She is at home now with Dakota, Holly and Catsby.  Catsby is a brown spotted kitten from our Ranch aka Rocket.  They will be great buddies.  

**Gracie aka Cinderella*****DOB 3-2-14

Cinderella is as ladylike as her name implies.  She is a beautiful snow seal lynx point bengal girl with big blue eyes.  She loves to play and as you can see she is the mastress of the teaser.  She is now at home with Judith and her beloved little girl.  They have now named her Gracie appropriate for such a little lady.

Judith's post with video of her baby playing teaser with Cinderella and you know Cinderella loved every minute! "Our newest family member finally arrived today. She was hiding and shaking but we got her out to play with us after a few hours. And then this happened. I'm so pleased with her Playing so gently and purring all at the same time. — "

****Fancy aka Sephora DOB 2-6-14

****Tiny Dancer aka Sooki DOB 2-6-14

Sisters adopted by: Tom and Brenda

Tiny Dancer aka Sooki and Fancy aka Sephora were always close sisters.  We were so happy when Tom and Brenda decided to take both home.  They join Sterling and Tutt their egyptian maus from Soldierfire Ranch and are all one big happy family.  Tiny Dancer was always a beautiful girl who likes to ride on your shoulders.  Fancy is a tri colored marble who pattern gets more and more beautiful by the day.  Best buds and together forever Fancy and Tiny Dancer now called Sooki and Sephora.  

*********Link aka JJ***********

Adopted by: Sara and James DOB 2-6-14

JJ is one of the few marbles born on our ranch and boy is he a handsome boy.  He is a tricolored very patterned boy with a super loving personality and attitude.  He is now living with Sara and James getting all the love and attention he so deserves.  


Adopted by: Brandy and Jason DOB 2-6-14

Elvis is a fabulous looking brown spotted bengal with an A+ personality.  He was the king of his litter and is now at home with Brandy, Jason and their two kids.  Oh by the way he also has 3 Soldierfire Bengal buddies at his home; Hoss, Presley and Dazzle.  He has brought excitement to his older bengal buddies.  Pictured above how he enjoyed his ride home!  He is from Cherish and Airborne's first litter.  

Message from Brandy after having Elvis for a couple of months,

"I just wanted to write and tell you that ELVIS has broke the mold on the being the best Bengal baby and most loving and easy going!! He fits in so well and is so loving! I am blessed to have met you the day I called about Hoss! We love all our cats and thank you again for being so kind to our family!"  

*******Hazel aka Sugar Baby*******

Adopted by: Sunny DOB 2-6-14

Sugar Baby aka Hazel is a sweet sweet girl who was gorgeous inside and out.  She is from Cherish first litter and was so loved here.  She is in a wonderful home, with even a snow bengal buddy named Huck and her own little boy who adores her.  She even has a pet pot bellied pig that is her other friend at her new home.  


Sold to: Victoria DOB 11-10-13

Beau Baby is my snow sweetheart.  He is so playful and full of energy.  He packed his toys and went to live with Victoria.   Sweet sweet boy. 

Pictured above are Twilight and Beau, buddies owned by Victoria.  Both cats were born and bred at Soldierfire Ranch.  Kisses to both sweet cats!  


Sold to Collin & Angela-DOB 11-10-13

Paris is a majestic blue eyed boy.  Always calm in nature with an absolutely beautiful pattern.  He was adopted by Collin and Angela who have added him to their loving family.  He has a ton of puppies to play with daily.  


Sold to Sarah---DOB 11-10-13

Kisses is an energetic flat out fun kitten.  She has the most beautiful  blue eyes.  She also ruled her brothers and sisters.  Although the smallest she ruled the roost in her litter with her playful and warm personality.  Now at home with Sarah and her family including her Soldierfire Ranch Princess silver bengal she spends her time looking out the big glass windows and checking out the families' chicks.  

From Sarah: Hey guys welcome baby girl Kisses to the Buchfink Hi-View Farm & a very special thanks to Janet Miller Wybrant with Soldier Fire Ranch for this sweetie pie!!!!


Sold to Laura----DOB 11-10-13

Juliet our little snow princess is always such a thoughtful little one.  She has very horizontal big rosettes and beautiful blue eyes.  She is the apple of Laura's eye and living happily in a snow winter wonderland which she can see from her big indoor windows.  

Note from Laura I found on my facebook page:

"A BIG THANK YOU to Janet Miller Wybrant at Soldierfire for the purchase of my new snow girl Juliet. They took the time to fly her to me for her comfort and safety. They updated me frequently with photos and information. I have asked every dumb question there is and Janet always took the time to answer. Thank you so much for your help and for producing such quality kittens. I would highly recommend Soldierfire Bengals to others".


********Odin aka Bond***********

Sold to Phillip and Mia-- DOB 9-8-13

Bond Baby was the calmest in his litter, but he LOVES toys.  He loved to jump in our laps and climb up our backs and rest behind our necks.  A very sweet boy went home to be with Phillip, Mia, Siam and Odin's dog buddy Bruno.   I am sure he is the life of their party everyday.  

******Gray C aka Spotacus*********

Sold to Curtis and Nichole DOB 9-8-13

No other way to say this but Spotacus was a spectacularly beautiful kitten inside and out.  He was a kitten that loved everybody and everything.  He is known for his kisses he gave to Danny and I everyday.  Even more special Spot went home with a family that we had known since the 1980's and a couple that Danny served with in the Army.  Spot is now known as Gray C and is the apple of the eye of Curtis and Nichole's daughter Kasey.  

*****Ruby aka Gerry******

Sold to Madison... DOB 9-8-13

Ruby aka Gerry is the only girl kitten in her litter.  She was named Gerry in honor of my mom who was born on September 8th.  She is a very active girl and although she had 4 brothers she was always in control.  She is now with Madison in a state with sun everyday and plays with her buddy Poods.  

*****Blizzard aka Magnum******

Sold to John DOB 9-8-13

Blizzard aka Magnum made an art out of jumping from wherever he was to our backs without leaving not one scratch.  A very athletic and loving kitten, Magnum lives with John and his brown bengal Maya.  A beautiful boy with a beautiful personality:)

Blizzard at 9 months old
Blizzard at 9 months old

****Junebug aka Junior***********

Sold to Emily DOB 6-11-2013

Junior is the most playful kitten born at Soldierfire Ranch.  His mother is Valor , one of our most beloved Queens.  He also inherited his daddy Airborne's huge BLUE eyes.  Jr is a fast learner.  His favorite trick was to look us straight in the eyes and lick our nose.  We love love love Jr.  He is in a happy home with Emily, her husband and 5 children.  Just what is needed by Junior kids and lots of them to play with him.  

***Villy aka Frosty****

Sold to : Sterian DOB 4-20-2013

Frosty is a very active little guy with an absolutely gorgeous pattern.   So loved by all his siblings and the life of the party.  He now lives with Sterian and family and treated like a king.  



Sold to Sonia and Jon *DOB 4-20-13

Blizzard is the largest of his litter and was always the first to try anything.  He was usually the first to attack a toy followed by his siblings.  He has the most beautiful BIG blue eyes of any kitten born here.  He now lives with Jon and Sonia and has a pet retriever to play with.