Page 2 Egyptian Mau Cats/Kittens and their New Owners

*****Arya aka Babycakes****

Adopted by Jodi and Miles

Babycakes sure stole our hearts.  No kitten was sweeter to her siblings, and to all humans.  She joins her full brother from an earlier litter Miles.  They have very similar personalities, very loving and playful!

*****Porfirio aka Dreamy****

Adopted by Javier and Galia

Dreamy, later named Porfirio,  sure fullfills his name a beautiful boy with a beautiful and very playful attitude.  He joins his family and their cat Galia ( also from our cattery).  Both happy in a very loving home!

****Jewlie**** DOB.. 5-2013

Adopted by Sandy

Jewlie is a very playful and loving girl.  She has gone home to live on the farm with Sandy.  No cat every loved her teaser more then Jewlie!!!!

**Sebastian aka Steamy** DOB 4-15-15

Adopted by Nicholas

Sebastian lives in sunny California and is well loved by his family.  He loves to cuddle and has talent -loves to sit up like a dog.  Sweet Sweet Boy!

****Sweet Cheeks**DOB 4-15-15

Adopted by Billy

Sweet Cheeks looks like a dainty girl but in reality she could get the best of both brothers in a wrestling match.  She is very loved by Billy and has a wonderful home.